Yatta Checkout User Guide

Add your product

You can add and manage your products on the Products page.

Product information

Product name

The name of your product. This will appear on invoices.


This is for your product's icon or logo — a .jpg, .png or .svg smaller than 5 MB.


Toggle between one-time purchase and subscription license types.

Note: Once you have created a product, you cannot change the license type (subscription or one-time purchase). However, you can contact us (checkout@yatta.de) to change it for you.

With subscriptions, you can choose to offer monthly, yearly, or both as subscription period options for your users.

Pricing and currencies

Select the currencies you want to support when selling your product and add the price for each subscription period.


Once you're done, save your product.


After saving your product you can access your API Keys in the integration tabs for testing.

Product ID

This is the API key used to implement the web and in-app Checkout.

Code example for web integration

This code shows a basic example of how to integrate the Checkout into your website. For the implementation details, see Preview Yatta Checkout on your website.

Example code for Eclipse integration

You can download the source code for an Eclipse in-app Checkout demo. For the implementation details, see Preview Yatta Checkout in Eclipse (in-app).