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We help enterprises build better software.

Engineering your future with custom software

It is no longer enough to head for short-term growth. As technology shapes global markets, the advantage goes to those who adapt and evolve. That's where we come in. We help you build software, deliver digital products and execute your digital strategy. From understanding your requirements through design and implementation to the final rollout—we've got the whole software development lifecycle covered.

Our approach to software projects

Every company—and every project—has specific requirements and unique considerations. To bring maximum value, we are not limited by dogma but tailor our methods and processes to serve your specific needs.


“They are always available and you can rely 100% on their work. I have worked with many software developers and external service providers in my career - Yatta's team is a front runner!”

Markus Lange Product Owner, KALO

Brilliantly simple results, no compromises

We do

Projects with positive impact

We do work with a clear purpose. Our focus is on finding and using leverage to deliver maximum value and visible results.

Hand pick our teams

Team composition at Yatta is never an accident. We build and develop complementary teams enabled and guided through strong leadership and culture.

Take responsibility

We take responsibility for outcomes and quality results. This is part of our agreement with clients. This ensures every team member is invested in your project's success.

Collaborative and strategic cooperation

We help you build software to shape your business domain and explore new opportunities.

We don’t

Waste precious resources—yours or ours

We give every project our all. But if we've tried everything and still cannot find a way forward, we won't outstay our welcome for the sake of a paycheck.

Do body leasing and body shopping

We don't outsource. Our team is carefully selected to serve your needs. If you just want bodies to throw at a problem, we're not for you.

Serve as code monkeys

We are not an extended workbench. If you've already got everything figured out and just need someone to blindly follow orders, you're better off somewhere else.

Do quick & dirty hacks

We're here to solve hard problems that bring you long-term value. Doesn't mean we will let a simple fix slide.


“It is particularly noteworthy that Yatta quickly grasped and understood our initial situation as well as our requirements.

Yatta's strong understanding of our goals and agile way of working led to a custom-fit implementation.”

Jochen Dittmar, Managing Director, UNIKIMS GmbH

Customers that have trusted us

Why Yatta?

Continuous improvement through customer feedback

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

To the question, “On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Yatta to another company?” where 0 means not likely and 10 means very likely, our customers ranked us with an average of 9.0, resulting in an NPS of +66.
—Benchmarks: Hubspot & Comparably

Technologies we excel with

We use...

Frontend technologies


Backend technologies


Mobile app technologies

SwiftObjective CIonicKotlin

Methods and processes

ScrumKanbanV-Modell XTLean

Collaboration tools


to build...

Cloud platforms & services

Mobile apps

Desktop applications

for enterprise applications and consumer software.

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