Yatta Checkout User Guide

Provide final product information

Before you can start selling your product, you have to go through the KYC process and provide us with some final details.

This is a manual (for now) process where we add this information to your product and then perform a quality check to make sure everything is good to go.

Once approved, your integration details will work in your live environment, too.

Note: Some processes require manual approval from us. This is necessary to ensure high quality standards and a frictionless experience in the long run. However, it may take 1-2 business days to fully onboard you. Thank you for your patience—we’ll make it worth it!

List of information

To go live, the following product information must be shared with us via email. Please send it in the required format to checkout@yatta.de.


URL for executables

Links to your executables for Windows, Linux and Mac. This link will be provided to users after a successful purchase so they can download your product directly.

Windows: https://yatta.de/download/uml-lab/latest/UMLLabSetup_x86_64.exe
Eclipse Marketplace entry The user might want to install the Eclipse plugin directly from the Eclipse Marketplace. Like the executable, this link is then provided after a successful purchase. https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/uml-lab-modeling-ide
Default webpage for hosted website checkout

A unique website URL where the Yatta Checkout is integrated into your live environment.

This is used to send the user back to your web shop if he registers via in-app checkout.

Note: This can be changed at any time.

Security check for hosted website checkout

A list of URLs, domain areas or links where you would like to integrate the live environment for the Checkout.

We use this information for IT security backchecks: e.g., to verify that the Website Checkout Drop-In is integrated and processed only on your website as far as explicitly permitted. We ensure that all user data (including yours) remains secure.


(regular expression for all links with this base reference)


A PDF document or link to the end-user license agreement of your offered solution.

Note: We offer and recommend using our integrated licensing system and EULA template

Privacy policy A PDF document or link to your product's privacy policy. https://yatta.de/privacy

Change product information

If you want to change the information of an already published product, use the Products page. To preview the changes, set your to 'preview'.

Once you are happy with the updated product information, send an email to checkout@yatta.de, so we can publish the updated product for you.