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Customer-oriented implementation through agile software development

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1&1 Internet SE wanted to improve the usability of their 1&1 Search Engine Optimization 2.0. The aim was to implement a cost-efficient and maintainable application with a focus on customer needs.

More and more people are searching the internet for regional businesses or service providers. Especially small businesses rarely profit from this trend so far, because they do not optimize their websites for Google and other search engines. They either don't have the knowhow or the budget. On the internet, these businesses stay invisible for their customers. The 1&1 Internet SE has reacted to this issue: The Search Engine Optimization 2.0 provides a solution that helps businesses to improve their visibility, even if they have a small marketing budget. The project was developed with the help of Yatta consultants in an agile way.

1&1 Internet SE

With 15.43 Million customers, 1&1 is one of the world’s leading web hosting providers and offers a wide range of products for private users, freelancers and businesses. Products range from web hosting (websites, domains, online shops) to fast DSL internet connections including telephony, to mobile communication and personal information management. 1&1 products are available in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Span, United States, Canada, Poland, Italy, and Mexico. 1&1 is a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed company United Internet AG.

Project Goal

The software project's objective was to improve the usability of the 1&1 Search Engine Optimization 2.0 in an agile development process. As a first step, Yatta consultant Frederic Ebelshäuser identified which elements of the user interface could be reused for refactoring and which elements had to be redesigned. The goal was to achieve a cost-efficient and maintainable result. The application based on Apache Wicket and Bootstrap was implemented successively with the help continuous customer feedback.

The deciding factor for choosing Yatta was above all their know-how for Java frontend development in synergy with further technologies (Java, Apache Wicket, Bootstrap and jQuery). Other crucial factors included consulting for the 1&1 development team, the close cooperation with product management and User Experience in agile processes. As a result, Yatta and 1&1 Internet SE employees delivered a releasable 1&1 Search Engine Optimization 2.0 with vastly improved usability.

What 1&1 Say About Yatta

[Disclaimer: This case study refers to projects that ran from April - December 2012 and January - March 2014. Please also note that since then, 1&1 Internet SE has changed its name to IONOS SE.]


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