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Job description

For our tech company, we are looking for a capable General Counsel to join our growing executive team in Frankfurt, Germany.

You will champion our corporate values, negotiate on our behalf, uphold our business interests, and manage a broad portfolio of legal matters. As General Counsel, you will be responsible for all legal matters and the overall legal strategy of the company, shaping our internal and external relationships.

Key responsibilities & tasks

Legal executive and catalyst for Yatta

  • Take overall responsibility for all legal matters of the company.

  • Act as wingman, counsel and right hand to the co-founders, especially the CEO and COO.

  • Advocate for and embody our corporate values while considering and balancing them with all legal concerns and long-term business interests.

  • Aid in strategically optimizing our effectiveness and scalability.

Drive business through all legal matters

  • Negotiate with business partners and service providers to create and develop mutually beneficial business relationships wherever possible.

  • Defend and promote our corporate values and interests by taking a firm stand when necessary while fostering win-win relationships with all parties involved.

  • Brief, lead and coordinate all external lawyers (incl. international law firms) and domain experts (e.g., privacy officers) to ensure all legal projects are managed effectively and efficiently.

Deliver high-quality legal results

  • Provide legal advice and involve top-notch experts to create, develop, deliver, and maintain legal frameworks, agreements, terms and conditions.

  • Conduct legal research, provide continuous legal advice, and participate in all relevant strategic business decisions.

Areas of interest and expertise

  • Further develop, implement, and pursue Yatta’s business terms and conditions (e.g., terms of service, enterprise and vendor agreements).

  • Re-engineer employment contracts in accordance with our company values and our culture code.

  • Develop a legal foundation for a fair employee stock ownership plan and our future shareholder path for teammates.

  • Negotiate and develop our investment and shareholders’ agreement, especially in case of further VC rounds.

  • Develop and protect our IP policy and our trademark to help us build the Yatta brand.

  • Uphold and evolve Yatta’s privacy policy, especially specifics regarding the platform business and affecting our product development.

  • Ensure data security and compliance without paralyzing entrepreneurial spirit or implementing legal obstacles.

  • Steer the company decisively through any potential legal conflicts and litigation.

Required qualifications

Education & skills

  • First and second German state examination in law

    • With above average or, ideally, outstanding grades—or a proven track record

    • Nice to have: LL.M. or MBA (ideally from the US)

  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience—preferably in:

    • Leading international law firm(s)

    • M&A with a focus on venture capital or private equity

    • In-house experience only in large companies is insufficient, but startup experience is very welcome!

  • Legal practice in:

    • Challenging business negotiations with a proven track record

    • Drafting legal contracts and contract architectures (contracts, business terms)

    • Coordinating and communicating with different stakeholders

Taking entrepreneurial action

  • Understands our business model, company vision and corporate values, and is interested in sustainable, long-term results. Furthermore, prepared to take a stand and defend our interests.

  • Proactively shares and debates ideas to achieve highest-quality results and drive continuous improvement, including self-improvement.

  • Team player who leads by example, setting high expectations and backing them with unwavering commitment. Willing to assertively advance our vision and mission.

Brilliant analytical mind

  • Possesses analytical thinking with a sharp intellect.

  • Excels at synthesizing great ideas and concepts into scalable action plans with results, displaying a balance of thoughtful reflection and decisive action.

  • More fearless than over-ambitious, more thoughtful than hopeful, more of a leader than a talker, more of a comrade than a follower.

  • Strong affinity with tech, preferably with a basic understanding and handling of various software tools (i.e., more than just Word, but no development skills required).

Holistic leadership approach

  • Embraces clear and candid communication, allowing objectives, not ego, to drive discussions. Willing to engage in discussions when helpful.

  • Prefers making weighted decisions, aligning interests, and promoting mutual growth and development—not afraid to act decisively and strive for success.

  • Connects with people on a deep level, displaying genuine interest in understanding the human being behind the professional.

  • Not erratic or jumpy but someone who enjoys being a sparring partner with an open mind.

Take heart — apply

It’s not just your qualifications that matter, but who you are and what you want to learn and achieve in the future. Come by and get to know us. Drinks are on us! \o/

Technologies we excel with

We use...

Frontend technologies


Backend technologies


Mobile app technologies

SwiftObjective CIonicKotlin

Methods and processes

ScrumKanbanV-Modell XTLean

Collaboration tools


to build...

Cloud platforms & services

Mobile apps

Desktop applications

for enterprise applications and consumer software.

Drive > mastery

Of course, we don‘t expect you to have mastered all these technologies and frameworks. All you need is a passion for tech with the right potential and ambition: Seeking deep understanding in software engineering and working on meaningful applications. We will figure out the rest together.

We hire people, not titles or positions

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