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Part time (e.g., 16.5 hours per week)


Perks included, loot on top!

Job description

Do you enjoy coding apps and programs outside your studies? And do you want to build software that benefits and delights users in real life? Here at Yatta, you’ll develop digital products and create real value, both economically and by pushing the envelope of how tech can help humanity. You’ll learn to use the latest technologies in real-world scenarios and will share knowledge with people who are among the best in their chosen field.

You will join a team of 65+ software engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds, who all work together on-prem in Germany. Together, we can turn challenging projects into success stories by building brilliantly simple digital products and services.

Your tasks

We develop software projects for customers and do research and development for our own software products and services, both open source and commercial. Here are some of the things you will do as part of our team:

  • In-house software development in small, agile teams

  • Design and implementation of software components, products, and services, from analysis and development to deployment and rollout

  • Evaluation and analysis of new and existing technologies, frameworks, and tooling for productive use in software development

  • Continuous improvement of quality through relentless root-cause analysis, detailed code reviews, thorough documentation, testing, learning, and debugging

  • Active sharing of experiences and skills within and across development teams to improve software and code quality

  • Contributing to and making good decisions to resolve complex problems and provide sustainable solutions for real life

Your skillset and interests

  • You’re working on your degree in computer science and have had very good results so far

  • Your skills match (at least in part) our tech stack and responsibilities as developers. Everything else is a plus, as long as you are not obsessed :-)

  • You have strong problem-solving and decision-making skills with good judgment and appreciation for feedback to develop and grow

  • Ideally, you have already worked on—and completed—your own projects or contributed to open source

  • You’re keen to participate in designing and developing software, and you want to be an integral part of a development team

  • You want to be the kind of software engineer who works and thinks holistically, so you learn from the best as part of a true team

  • You want to develop software that’s used in real life and has a genuine impact on our world

Take heart — apply

It’s not just your qualifications that matter, but who you are and what you want to learn and achieve in the future. Come by and get to know us. Drinks are on us! \o/

Technologies we excel with

We use...

Frontend technologies


Backend technologies


Mobile app technologies

SwiftObjective CIonicKotlin

Methods and processes

ScrumKanbanV-Modell XTLean

Collaboration tools


to build...

Cloud platforms & services

Mobile apps

Desktop applications

for enterprise applications and consumer software.

Drive > mastery

Of course, we don‘t expect you to have mastered all these technologies and frameworks. All you need is a passion for tech with the right potential and ambition: Seeking deep understanding in software engineering and working on meaningful applications. We will figure out the rest together.

We hire people, not titles or positions

Manuel Bork

COO & co-founder


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