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Job description

To continue striving for holistic excellence in our operations, we are seeking a highly capable Chief Strategist to join our executive team. Alongside the CEO and COO, you will be a driving force in our organization and strategic initiatives. You will play a crucial role in moving from strategy to execution and from efforts to results.

You are an exceptional team player with a dynamic blend of strategic conceptual understanding, project management expertise, and analytical prowess. The role requires a strong, reliable personality with a sharp, forward-thinking mind that has keen attention to detail, and takes the initiative without losing sight of the big picture. Exceptional organization, drive and leadership are given. As Chief Strategist, you will champion our organizational initiatives, prime and propel our mission, and develop us as a team and organization.

Key responsibilities & tasks

From strategic planning to execution

  • Contribute significantly to the planning, development, and execution of organizational and team development initiatives.

  • Work closely with the co-founders and executives to pull, push, and drive both our team and organization fearlessly forward into exceptional execution.

  • Take proactive action to build and develop a stellar team that can compete with global champions—as we won’t settle for anything less.

Operational leadership and project management

  • Drive operational excellence in collaboration with an exceptional co-founder and executive team.

  • Foster a proactive, high-performance culture within the organization and the team.

  • Lead change management projects, from identifying and defining organizational concepts and goals to resource allocation, implementation, and communication.

Leadership in people and administration

  • Uphold our strategic goals and embody our performance culture.

  • Develop and operationalize cross-team processes and tools to maintain a high-performance environment while moving through rapid business growth.

  • Promote a vibrant company culture that supports our vision and strategy—and fosters our company’s core values and culture code.

Strategic advisory and support

  • Serve as a sparring partner and right hand to the CEO, offering support on all strategic and performance-related matters, and being instrumental in continuous improvements while executing projects and operations.

  • Actively engage the whole team in our vision, mission, business, and markets—establishing Yatta as a thought leader.

Required qualifications

Basic education and skills

  • A first-class degree, ideally from a top-tier business school.

  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills with a structured thought process.

  • Proven competence in handling complex issues and managing stakeholders.

  • Fluency in English and German, both in writing and speaking.

Relevant work experience and track record

  • At least 3-4 years of experience in strategic consulting at one of the TOP3 firms.

  • A proven track record in project management, and experience in business administration and organizational development or change management are a must.

  • Additional experience in the VC-backed tech startup landscape (e.g., Rocket Internet or similar) is desirable.

Personality and way of working

  • Hands-on, mission-driven team player with strong communication and negotiation skills in personal interactions.

  • A leader with an eye for detail, who takes the initiative, solves problems, and gets the job done.

  • A generalist who sahres our belief in hard work and does not rest until we've achieved holistic excellence in everything we do.

  • A leader who can confidently navigate conflict, showing strong drive, commitment, and determination.

As the Chief Strategist at Yatta, your role goes beyond a mere job description—it‘s a calling. You will be the linchpin connecting strategy to execution and vision to performance, the strategic maestro with your finger on the pulse of our organization, and the leader who guides us towards success. This is a unique opportunity to shape our future and to translate our vision into operational excellence.

Take heart — apply

It’s not just your qualifications that matter, but who you are and what you want to learn and achieve in the future. Come by and get to know us. Drinks are on us! \o/

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