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Job description

Do you see software projects in terms of technology as well as from a business perspective? Are you skilled at orchestrating technologies and the teams behind them?

We are looking for Venture Team Leads who build trusting customer relationships, empower their teams and take ownership; people who understand and thrive in the software development market, and who enjoy leading projects to success—from the initial business case through the entire software lifecycle.

Does this sound like you? Then we look forward to getting to know you!

Key responsibilities & tasks

Key account management & customer success

  • Develop and expand our key accounts actively and systematically

  • Acquire new customers and follow-up projects in close cooperation with the COO, including initiating and implementing pilot projects with analytically strong, technically skilled and creative teams

  • Negotiate contracts in coordination with CEO and COO

  • Manage multiple customer projects together with the respective project managers and development teams

  • Take over revenue and prospective budget responsibility in the context of software projects

  • Have a holistic and entrepreneurial perspective that considers the consequences of your actions and their impact on the company

  • Strengthen our brand and personal networks through active involvement in marketing and networking

Software engineering

  • Develop sophisticated software products, systems and services with and for our customers

  • Lead multiple small, agile in-house teams (with four to six members each)

  • Coordinate cross-functional responsibilities such as QA engineers, UI/UX design, content, legal, strategy, etc.

  • Consulte independently with our customers at the intersection of business analysis and technical understanding across and beyond all phases of our products and services

  • Steer project management to achieve the best possible quantitative and qualitative goals in time, scope and budget

  • Orchestrate all contacts and stakeholders from different organizational levels – from developers doing the implementation to decision makers and budget managers

  • Host workshops and meetings confidently with internal and external participants

Team development

  • Leadership, empowerment, further development and building of teams

  • Identification and promotion of strengths and potential

  • Leadership and support of project leaders through close exchange (supported by COO)

  • Optimization for the best possible joint output as a team

  • Contribute to the company-wide development of the entire Yatta team

  • Evangelize and live our company culture

  • Participate in training and development (Yatta Academy)

  • Recruitment, onboarding and offboarding in your own team

Required qualifications

Education & skills

  • Degree in computer science, business informatics or similar with above-average grades (preferably M.Sc., diploma or PhD)

  • At least 4 years’ experience in software development for platforms or products with responsibility for the quality of outputs and successful project implementation

  • At least 2 years of leadership experience as part of a development team with 5 or more people and with cross-functional responsibilities (e.g., engineering, testing, design, content)

  • Overview of proven and emerging software development technologies

    • Ideally with experience (as a developer and project lead) in projects with different programming languages (e.g., Java, .NET, Python) for different purposes (e.g., server, cloud, mobile, embedded)

    • Basic knowledge of programming and modern software architecture to coordinate and evaluate projects

Personality and way of working

  • Strong team and leadership skills without hierarchical thinking

  • Very good conceptual and analytical understanding

  • Fast comprehension and empathy for technical topics and human dynamics

  • Ability to work well under pressure, highly organized, with a strong sense of ownership and a pinch of idealism

  • Good communication skills with high levels of German and English, both written and spoken

  • Solution and results oriented with a focus on quality over short-term pragmatism

  • Hands on with an understanding of lean management, keeping the software’s end user in mind

Take heart — apply

It’s not just your qualifications that matter, but who you are and what you want to learn and achieve in the future. Come by and get to know us. Drinks are on us! \o/

Technologies we excel with

We use...

Frontend technologies


Backend technologies


Mobile app technologies

SwiftObjective CIonicKotlin

Methods and processes

ScrumKanbanV-Modell XTLean

Collaboration tools


to build...

Cloud platforms & services

Mobile apps

Desktop applications

for enterprise applications and consumer software.

Drive > mastery

Of course, we don‘t expect you to have mastered all these technologies and frameworks. All you need is a passion for tech with the right potential and ambition: Seeking deep understanding in software engineering and working on meaningful applications. We will figure out the rest together.

We hire people, not titles or positions

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