Yatta receives “ICT Start-Up of the Year” award

ICT Startup of the Year 2011


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Berlin, 20 June 2011 – "Yatta!" Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Philipp Rösler awarded the German software and consulting company Yatta Solutions the title of most successful start-up in information and communication technologies (ICT) of the year. “The winners represent the creativity, capability and prospects of young ICT companies in Germany”, said Federal Minister Rösler.

Claus Fesel, member of the jury and Director Marketing at DATEV eG, added: "Yatta was chosen by the jury because the company showed the highest degree of technical innovation among all nominees. Moreover, their product UML Lab addresses a central problem of software engineering and shows substantial economic potential.” This fits the idea behind the company’s name. "Yatta" is Japanese and means: "We did it!"

"We are thrilled about the award and want to thank everyone who has helped us to make this success possible – especially our team," said Johannes Jacop, managing director and co-founder of Yatta Solutions. The company will continue developing leading tools, technologies, and techniques to bolster efficiency in software development and is going to invest the prize money of 25,000 EUR in additional research and development.

Federal Minister Rösler is sure that:

Yatta Solutions is sure to play its part in this process.

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