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Frederic Ebelshäuser is now a new Yatta shareholder

Frederic Ebelshäuser 2015


Editorial team

We are proud to announce that Frederic Ebelshäuser has decided to invest in Yatta and become a shareholder of our company.

In the last few years, Freddy has become a vital part of the Yatta developer team. As project lead of Yatta Profiles for Eclipse, Freddy has committed himself to making the Eclipse IDE more accessible and easier to use for software developers worldwide.

Freddy is a dedicated Eclipse Committer and a well-known speaker at international software engineering conferences. We are happy that Freddy has decided to signal and deepen his personal involvement and his commitment with his investment in Yatta’s future!

About Frederic Ebelshäuser

Frederic Ebelshäuser is a project lead & software engineer at Yatta. Before that, he used to be a consultant, developing ecommerce solutions across many business sectors. Today Frederic is successfully leading the developer teams behind software solutions like Yatta Profiles for Eclipse and an integrated sales and license management platform for Eclipse Tools. Additionally, he actively participates in the Eclipse community, including as a speaker.


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