Software Engineering working group elects Leif Geiger as new chairman

Leif 2015


Editorial team

We congratulate Dr. Leif Geiger on his election as new chairman of the Bitkom working group Software Engineering. Leif is a project lead at Yatta.

As a team, we work on promoting excellent software made in Germany every day. This has been an important part of our commitment since we became an active Bitkom member in 2011. Leif's chairmanship emphasizes this commitment yet again. With Dr. Christian Schneider the working group already had another chairman employed by Yatta.

Bitkom is the industry association of the German information and telecommunication industry and pursues the goal to create the best possible conditions for companies in the industry. The working group software engineering advocates to further excellent software engineering.

About Leif Geiger

Dr. Leif Geiger is co-founder and shareholder of Yatta. He holds a PhD in Software Engineering and is responsible for customer projects. As a technical expert, Leif brings more than 11 years of experience as a software architect and engineer to the position. Leif is married and a passionate mountain biker. Sometimes he even takes his son along in his bike trailer.


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