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Today we're launching our new product: Yatta Checkout. Discover what it is, why we built it and who it's for in this article.

Why we built Yatta Checkout

Selling digital products comes with many challenges, especially for the new or uninitiated.

As a developer tool startup, we struggled for years with marketing and selling our product profitably. Negotiations with payment providers, manual invoicing and subscription management processes, as well as updating our EULAs following legislative changes—and internationalization—were costly, and we were losing focus on our core business of building great tools.

Wondering why there wasn’t a convenient ecommerce solution for businesses like us, we decided to build it. After all, we had plenty of experience navigating these murky waters.

That’s how Yatta Checkout was born.

What is Yatta Checkout?

Yatta Checkout is an all-in-one checkout solution, designed to simplify the process of monetizing and selling digital products:

  • It can be embedded into your website (or in the Eclipse IDE if you’re selling developer tools) right out of the box.

  • One-time-purchase and subscription models are supported, as are free trials and more.

  • Technical and legal license frameworks allow you to build standard license models with ease—comprehensive international EULA are included.

  • Integrated payment processing eliminates the need to negotiate with (or integrate) third-party providers.

  • Fully automated invoicing and billing adapted to your corporate design saves time and ensures a professional appearance.

  • Identity and access management (IAM) for your users and enterprise customers ensure a smooth experience across the whole customer journey.

When should you choose Yatta Checkout?

When you’re a vendor of a digital product and want a solution that combines all of the above features in one fairly priced and easy-to-integrate package.

There are many separate providers for each of the individual features of Yatta Checkout. But doing that will mean you spend a lot of time integrating different shop, billing and IAM solutions, negotiating with payment providers, and discussing licenses and legal agreements with (costly) lawyers.

By choosing Yatta Checkout, you get all these things out of the box, giving you the bandwidth to do what you do best: build great products. Meanwhile, the reduced friction in your purchase funnel means you can optimize your conversions from free trials to paying customers, all while lowering customer acquisition costs.

Additionally, selling digital products immediately puts you on the global stage, which can be challenging for a small team, especially when it comes to different currencies and tax rates. Yatta Checkout’s payment processing accepts all major payment methods and currencies, and supports you with automated sales tax calculation.

And you get the whole package for zero upfront costs.

Yatta Checkout is pay per transaction, with no monthly charges or hidden fees. We chose this pricing model because we believe that we should not earn a cent unless you do.

We built Yatta Checkout for companies like us—and we want to enable as many startups, developer tools and other digital products as possible to become success stories.

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When we migrated our own software tool UML Lab to Yatta Checkout, we saw sales revenues increase by 10.6x. Read the case study here.


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